The Symmetry Experience

Symmetry Natural Health is a clinical nutrition practice focused on natural solutions to healing and wellness

What is clinical nutrition?

The foundation is nutrition. The foundations of nutrition are hydration, digestion, minerals, fatty acids and sugar handling. This is where we start. This is diet and quality whole food supplementation.

The next step is clinical. In the clinical testing we are looking for “barriers to healing. “Barriers to healing could be immune challenges, toxicities, food sensitivities, emotional stress or anything else that affects our environment. Once we know what those stressors are we create bio-individual protocols based on the testing that include whole food nutrition, herbs and homeopathic supplements. This is how your body makes healthy cells, with the right tools.

Healthy cells become healthy tissues. Healthy tissues become healthy glands and organs. And that makes health bodies.

The beauty of our testing is that it works to support the body through complaints or ailments as well as provide a clear blueprint of what is needed to be well and avoid future symptoms or problems.

Genetics loads the gun. Lifestyle pulls the trigger.

Symmetry is a practice of epigenetics. Epigenetics is the science related environment and gene expression. It is proof that if we change our environment, we can change our gene expressions.

How do we do that?

Our lifestyle is our environment. It’s everything that comes into our awareness. Here, we are mostly focused on nutrition, supplements and emotional blocks – but we are also interested in many other factors that affect our bodies and energy such as EMF stress, water and air quality and mindset.

Symmetry Natural Health is here to meet you where you are at on your journey – whether you have minor or major complaints - and bring you into a lifestyle of health and wellness.

Our Team

Alex Hartinger

Alex is a board-certified Holistic Health Coach with a background in clinical nutrition and natural health. After discovering the benefits MFT had on herself and her family, she became a certified MFT practitioner. Alex is especially passionate about helping moms take care of themselves and navigate the challenges of modern day parenting. She loves knowing that she is able to empower people with knowledge and give them tools to control their own health.

Stacy Literski

Stacy has developed a passion for natural health as her young children developed environmental triggers and ailments. After many failed specialist appointments, she started researching and seeking natural remedies. She has found that the root cause heals the body rather than masking symptoms.

This passion has driven her to clean up her entire household to a non toxic environment and her family of 6 eating clean wholesome foods which led her to the Symmetry team.

She enjoys researching hot topics and spends most of her time in the kitchen with her kids who help prep meals. You can also find out more about her by visiting http://www.farmtofamilynutrition.com

Brenda Frazier

Brenda is our Advanced Emotional Energy Practitioner. She has a natural gift of clearing out toxic emotions and removing emotional blocks.

Nicole Soberg

Nicole is proud to announce her partnership with Symmetry Natural Health. Nicole is a veteran in the skincare industry for over 15years, an Aesthetician, a LMT with a degree in Health Science, and actively working towards completion of R.T.T. Hypnosis Therapy.

Nicole has a deep passion for wellness and facilitating a truly healthy holistic approach to lifestyle + beauty.

Mudrā itself means a symbolic gesture to facilitate flow.

F.A.C.E- stands for facial.aesthetics.creating and evolving.

Which is exactly what Nicole has created this business to do.

At Mudrā, we facilitate & educate healthy lifestyle and clean beauty solutions customized for each individual towards their best life track.

It has been through her own health complications and healing journey that she has broadened the approach to how to personally care for both her family, herself as well as clients.

Nicole treatments are customizing therapy protocols, utilizing forms of Chinese medicinal techniques, and Ayurvedic beauty formulas .

Tonya Karow

Tonya received her Bachelor’s degree in nursing and public health in 1997 from the University of Minnesota. In 2014, she received my massage therapist license and since have completed advanced training in oncology massage and other specialized modalities. In 2020, Tonya graduated from NTA as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and have completed both Level 1 and 2 of the Integrative Health Practitioner Program through IHP Institute in Boston, MA. "Health is a journey and I absolutely love where science and biology meet. I believe in the interconnectedness of the whole person; physical, emotional and spiritual in maintaining optimal health and balance."