A Holistic Experience


Clinical nutrition is an experience and a learning journey. During an initial consultation, your practitioner will go over your health history and find out what your challenges or goals are in the health realm. Whether you have a very specific complaint, a mystery ailment, or are simply interested in how to be as healthy as possible, the process is similar and adaptable to each individual.

The Symmetry experience is multi-faceted. Some people need more work in foundational areas like diet and supplementation for vitamins, minerals, blood sugar regulation, or digestion. Other people need more clinical work right away to address barriers to healing. In this domain, we are testing to determine what is interfering with the body's ability to regulate or heal itself. This could be immune energy, toxicity energy, or any other factor that blocking normal function. Yet other people need to focus on emotional blocks that are interfering with their progress or well-being.

For many, we are working on all of these things at once. That's the bio-individual experience. The tools that we have to allow us to find out what your body needs to create healthy cells, which in turn make healthy tissues, healthy organs, healthy systems, and healthy bodies.

Anything that affects your environment can affect your health. Your environment is the food you eat, the air you breathe, the thoughts you think, the company you keep, the stress you carry, and anything else that comes into your awareness. We call these epigenetic factors. Epigenetics is the science that says that if you change your environment, you can change your gene expression. It means that genes are not static (or fixed). The most famous quote about Epigenetics is this: "Genetics loads the gun, lifestyle pulls the trigger."

Supplements, clinical nutrition protocols (like the ones you get from us), your diet and lifestyle in your daily life all change your environment. If you feel different after going for a walk than you do after eating half a cake, you have already experienced this in action.

Alex has a unique educational and clinical background that brings nutrition and energetic testing together to get to the root cause of dis-ease. With 8 years of experience in this field, her skill set has grown and along with that more and more positive results. Alex works with all ages and men and women alike. She is especially passionate about building natural "medicine" cabinets for families so that are empowered with those tools and about education around toxins in our world. Her specialties are skin-related issues (examples being psoriasis, eczema, or any unknown rashes or skin conditions), female hormones, headaches and migraines, and identifying food sensitivities.