Technology & Digital Learning

Teachers require a vast array of technical applications in order to effectively deliver lively and integrated classroom lesson plans. As technology continues to change and evolve the hardware and software need to shift to meet these demands in which information is assembled, distributed and incorporated.

Lytania Mackey Knowles x5132 Director of Technology, Digital Learning, and Innovation

Vlad Akim x5411 Network Manager

Stephen Silbert x6391 Senior Technology Specialist

Spring, Summer, Fall, 2019 District Technology Updates and Upgrades

Greetings SPS staff! Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year. We have been busy all summer preparing for the school year. Here are some projects and links to learn more about them (the items in bold are things that we will have brief trainings on in the fall).

  • Capital projects generously funded by the town
    • All classrooms K-12 have brand new projectors. With the software found here, you can project wirelessly from your Macbook Air so you can teach using your desktop or your macbook air.
    • SMS Mac lab has been updated with brand new Apple desktops
    • SHS language lab updated with new Dell's, monitors, and keyboards
    • We are working on a switch project to update the closets and give us better internet
    • We are in the process of replacing 30 admin assistant and admin desktops that are circa 2005
    • SHS business classes will have two laptop carts of Dell PCs
    • During the 2019-2020 school year we will be refreshing Smartboards, continuing on our 2018-2019 refresh project.
  • Other projects funded from technology budget and careful planning
    • We are working on a brand new ticket system called Incident IQ. It allows Google Log in so you can report issues quickly without guessing at passwords. In addition, this system brings up all items assigned to you so you can click and report rather than typing in 20 fields.
    • We have been working with the curriculum office to implement the new Teachpoint PD module instead of SmartEDU. Our goal is to pare down the amount of programs and log ins that you need to remember so that your valuable time can be spent teaching & learning.
    • We have added one cart of chromebooks to SHS and two to SMS. In the spring of 2019 we added a new cart to Hadley.
    • We have upgraded our internet bandwidth
    • We are working on a project to add access points into every classroom in the elementary, middle, and high schools so that there is no competition for devices to get online. This is an e-rate project so we get a rebate back from the Government
    • We applied for a grant for digital card keys and electromagnetic locks. We received this 56k grant and are working on safety upgrades with facilities.
    • We used older Mac desktops from the SMS lab upgrade to create a music studio lab at SHS.
    • The technology students (affectionately called the Tech Ninjas) have been working hard cleaning every chromebook cart, updating the ipads and Macbook air carts, and upgrading memory in computers. They also have assisted with the projects above and have dismantled and set up more labs then they care to remember. They have also worked on cleaning and organizing technology closets and tracking inventory and equipment.