A Few Perkins Guidelines to Keep in Mind:

1. Please do not make a purchase before you have been notified from the CTE Coordinator your Perkins Project has been approved. Perkins can not reimburse in this instance. Your invoice and checks must be dated after the project approval date.

2. Contact the CTE Office to use Perkins funds for ANY type of purchase so a Perkins Project may be written to receive approval. As soon as the CTE Office is notified your project has been approved, we will notify you.

3. You must received prior approval from the CTE Coordinator's Office before attending PD you wish to be reimbursed with Perkins funds. Please turn in all documentation for PD as soon as you return (Agenda, Receipts, Hotel Invoice with $0 balance, Certificate of Completion(New for SY1910), Google Maps)

4. Perkins can cover:

  • Supplemental Curriculum tied to an approved Program of Study
  • Equipment tied to an approved Program of Study
  • Certification fees for teachers & students
  • PD tied to an approved Program of Study
  • Software tied to an approved Program of Study

5. Perkins CANNOT cover anything on a minimum equipment list or anything that is state mandated.