Career & Technical Education Department

Strong CTE programs develop our most valuable resources—our people.

Technical knowledge, workplace skills, and real-world experience gained through CTE prepare our future workforce for the high-skill, high-wage, high-demand careers vital in today’s economy.

Services provided by SWAEC CTE Department:

Carl D. Perkins ConsortiumAdministration

    • Annual Application Preparation and Submission
    • Budget Management
    • Implementation of Perkins Mandates
    • Proposal Accountability
    • Technical Equipment Purchasing/Distribution
    • Completer Reports
    • Certificate Reports

CTE Technical Assistance

    • Professional Development/Technology Training
    • New Teacher Assistance
    • Policies and Procedures Interpretation
    • Resource Distribution
    • New Program Start-up Grant Support

CTE Initiatives Support

    • Career Clusters/Pathways/Programs of Study
    • Curriculum Frameworks
    • Career Planning Systems - Kuder
    • Business and Industry Certifications

Evaluation of Programs

    • Technical Assistance Visits-Preparation, Attendance, and Follow-up
    • Teacher Information System -Review and Follow-up

Data Collection/Reporting

  • District Data Reports