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Instructional Coaches

Anjuli Johnston

Technology Instructional Coach | Elementary

email: johnstonam@svsd410.org

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Jaime Evans

Technology and Inclusion Instructional Coach | Secondary

email: evansj@svsd410.org

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Digital Learning Leaders (DLL's)

Dana Verhoff

Fall City Elementary

Alison Almon

North Bend Elementary

Alison's Blog Posts

Sami Suttle

Opstad Elementary

Nikita Armbruster

Snoqualmie Elementary

Janelle Coughran

Wendy Pynn

Parent Partnership Program

Julia Pearson

Cascade View Elementary

Hailey Lacher

Cascade View Elementary

Melanie Jarocki

Snoqualmie Middle

Lori Ebbers

Heather Holmes

Eric Mitchell

Twin Falls

Dan Mancoff

Chris Bates

Elizabeth Whittington

Mount Si

Caleb Greig

Mount Si

Jayna Ysteboe

Two Rivers

Jill Dais-Brenne

District Office

Jill's Blog Posts