Post-Secondary Transition Plan (PTP)

The Post-Secondary Transition Plan is part of the IEP process beginning when a student reaches age 14. The purpose of the document is to help guide the IEP team in preparing students for life after school. There are several categories to consider when discussing transition planning including independent living, community experiences, and employment. The following checklists are possible activities to be covered by the school, the family and other service providers. Not all activities are appropriate for all students, they are simply possible ideas to discuss,

A useful tool to aide in starting discussions and gathering student and family input is the Transition Improvement Grant Transition App. The app will walk families through the PTP process by asking questions and making suggestions. All the information is compiled in a report that can be printed and brought to an IEP meeting or emailed to the IEP case manager for reference at the IEP.

PTP Checklist- Daily Living Skills.docx
PTP Checklist- Community Experiences.docx
PTP Checklist- Employment.docx
PTP Checklist- Instruction.docx
PTP Checklist- Other Post School Adult Living Objectives.docx

Pre-Employment Transition Services

An alternate list of transition services with the same goal, just slightly different wording and more directly aligned to the PTP document in the IEP.