Course Descriptions


• KINS 5203. Theory of Coaching. Theoretical base with practical application for teaching sport and sport skills; sport coaching responsibilities including developing your coaching philosophy and establishing an effective coaching style that is a good fit for you and your athletes; learn effective communication strategies, management skills, and productive planning. Designed for coaches at different levels and for all sports. Credit: Three hours.

• KINS 5243. Sport Injury Prevention and First Aid. Recognition and emergency treatment of sports Injuries; roles, responsibilities and limitations of coaches concerning sport injuries; prevention of and response to sports injury; developing a medical emergency plan. Credit: Three hours.

• KINS 5253. Organization and Administration for Effective Team Management. Explore 21st century methods to organize your team, and be an effective and efficient administrator. Credit: Three hours.

• KINS 5263. Sport Psychology. Study the Sport psychology principles utilized in a coaching environment; enhancing athletic performance through psychological assessment and goal setting; explore coach-athlete relationships; various psychological problems effecting athletes. Credit: Three hours.

• KINS 5273. Sport Conditioning and Nutrition. Planning and monitoring strength and conditioning training programs by coaches; development of resistance training programs to improve sport performance; nutritional concepts tailored for athletes in any sport. Credit: Three hours.

• KINS 5293. Technical Skills Analysis. Sport skill analysis; use of biomechanical principles to analyze sport movement; effective coach/player communication, feedback, and cues for skillful teaching. Credit: Three hours.

• KINS 5303. Coaching Tactical Skills. Competitive tactics and strategies for all sports; analysis of tactical skills and games approach strategies; developing effective practice plans; developing effective decision making for athletes. Credit: Three hours.


• KINS 5023. Methods of Research. Learn about types of research; development of research designs; procedures for collection and treatment of data; application of introductory statistics for planning research designs, analyzing data, and interpreting findings; critical analysis of research. Credit: Three hours.

• KINS 5033. Applied Statistical principles. Statistical principles and their applications to problems in kinesiology and other related areas. Credit: Three hours.


• KINS 5973 Professional Paper and Project (Summer- May Term, or by arrangement with advisor approval) or,

• KINS 5123 Professional Affiliation {Summer- May Term, or by arrangement with advisor approval)