Apply to TWU!

Requirements and Procedures for applying for the Master of Science in Kinesiology at TWU

1. Hold an earned bachelor’s degree or equivalent from a U.S. college or university accredited by a regional or general accrediting agency, or an equivalent degree from a foreign college or university.

2. Have a minimum 3.0 GPA for the last 60 hours of undergraduate study and a minimum 3.5 GPA for all prior graduate work. The Department of Kinesiology may choose to consider files of applicants with lower GPAs.

3. Students with a degree from a foreign university must present TOEFL scores of 80 or above to be admitted. Some specializations have different requirements. The TWU code is 6826. International students should visit the International Education website for additional requirements

4. For applicants without a degree in Kinesiology, each specialization will determine the appropriateness of prerequisite class requirements for the student.

5. The applicant will specify an area of specialization (see below) on the application. On the application use the question: "Enter any specific area of interest or specialty within your major." Do not leave this question blank or it will delay processing of your application

6. The applicant will submit two satisfactory letters of recommendation that address the applicant’s ability to finish a graduate program. If possible, at least one of those letters should be from an instructor from the applicant’s undergraduate work

7. The applicant will submit a vita (resume) with special emphasis on training and work experience in Kinesiology or related areas.

8. Some specializations may have additional requirements or criteria necessary for admission (see specialization areas below).

9. For information on cost of attendance and available scholarships, visit the Bursars Office or Financial Aid website.

10. All applications are submitted online: Graduate Application. Transcripts are submitted to the office of Admissions Processing. The remaining written materials (letters of recommendation, resume, and the graduate assistantship application if desired) are to be submitted to the Graduate Advisor for the School of Health Promotion and Kinesiology. [Jason Torres-]. With some exceptions, all materials must be received by the Department by the deadline for that particular semester's enrollment.

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