TWU M.S. Coaching Courses

All TWU M.S. Coaching Courses stay on same rotation schedule

You may complete the program in one or two years. Some students complete in three years. The choice is up to YOU!

KINS 5263- Sport Psychology [Fall]

KINS 5293- Technical Skills Analysis [Fall]

KINS 5273- Sport Conditioning and Nutrition [Fall]

KINS 5303- Coaching Tactical Skills [Spring]

KINS 5243- Sport Injury Prevention and First Aid [Spring]

KINS Elective #1 [Spring]

KINS 5123: Professional Affiliation * [see details below] [Summer- May or June]

KINS Elective #2 [Summer- May or June]

KINS 5203- Theory of Coaching [Summer II (June) ]

KINS 5253- Org. and Admin. for Effective Team Management [Summer II (June) ]

KINS 5023- Methods of Research [Summer III (July) ]

KINS 5303- Applied Statistical Principles [Summer III (July) ]

Total: 12 Courses for 36 Credit Hours for the M.S. Kinesiology in Sport Coaching.

* Softball Coaches- 3 NFCA Courses will count as content for Professional Affiliation. You may also use additional NFCA courses for content credit for Elective #2.

* Volleyball Coaches can also do the same with CAP 1 and CAP 2 course completions.

* Basketball and Soccer Coaches also have similar options in their respective sports.

Application Deadlines- Contact: Jason Torres

Graduate Academic Advisor

Department of Kinesiology

Office: PH 213

(940) 898-2864

Fall: August 1

Spring: December 1

Summer: May 1

You May Also Contact Program Coordinator with Further Questions:

Mark Mann, Ph.D. e-mail: office: 940-898-2578