Mrs. Kaczynski

High School Orchestra

String Ensemble

Music Theory

Orchestra classes are designed to help you learn how to do the following 3 things:

  • Create Music
  • Perform Music
  • Respond to Music

Music Theory is designed to help you understand the building blocks of music. You will learn to see with your ears and hear with your eyes.

Questions We Seek To Answer

How do musicians generate creative ideas?

How do performers select repertoire?

How does understanding the structure and context of musical works inform performance?

How do performers interpret musical works?

How do musicians improve the quality of their performance?

When is a performance judged ready to present?

How do individuals choose music to experience?


Spackenkill High School Music Office 845.63.7810 x548


Please see the orchestra handbook on the resources page.

Please see the music theory syllabus on the resources page.