Welcome SPS Students

The Sudbury Public Schools makes extensive use of online resources related to student learning and collaboration.  Below are links to several of the most common sites approved for use around the district.  Since some of the resources below contain materials beyond the management scope of the Sudbury Public Schools, we promote their use only in the context of teacher-guided school and home access.  Parents and students should also familiarize themselves with the contents of the student Acceptable Use Policy.

Student Google accounts have been set up in Google Apps for Education.  Since the Sudbury Public Schools operates in a PK-8 environment, access has been restricted in these accounts so that students can only collaborate with other Sudbury teachers and students.  Presently, all students can access Google Drive. Grades 2-5 also have access to Google Classroom, as well as limited access to Gmail for contacting teachers.  Students should use these accounts with the understanding that teachers perform  occasional spot checks to ensure that students are conforming to all portions of the student Acceptable Use Policy (e.g., academic honesty, cyber-bullying, etc.).

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