Boyertown Area Middle School West

Integrity Math Matters

Grade 6

Important Announcements

Virtual school begins 8-31-2020

Hybrid Model begin October 5, 2020

Contact Information

Remind App Invites

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Virtual Learning Suggestions

Since we cannot be at school, a student’s learning environment is of great importance.

1. Sitting upright at a table or desk.

2. Seperated from distractions like TV or other virtual students.

Our goal is an attentive active learner.

If the Internet is causing issues...

  1. Try moving to another area of the house.

2. If their speech is warbled, turn off camera when speaking.

3. Glitchy- Log out of meeting and login again (notify teacher).

4. If they lose connection- login again (notify teacher).

5. Consider getting an internet amplifier

6. Attendance issues- attendance at the beginning and end of class. Camera must stay on..