2/17/23 -news

Arizona Community Foundation Scholarship portal is OPEN!

FAFSA Update- 150 seniors have not completed their FAFSAs yet.  Please reach out to Mr. Parham or your Gear Up coach ASAP!

Seniors, As you finalize your college, career or military plans for next year, please notify Mr. Parham via email or meeting. (click above to make an appointment.)

Scholarship Season

As you have figured out by now, many scholarships are becoming available this time of year.  The best places to find scholarships (in my opinion) are at:

After January 1st, there is one application that ALL seniors should complete.  More info is below...

If you want to go to Pima you should do the: 

Here are a some scholarships to check out to supplement your searches:

In January the Arizona Community Foundations scholarship opens.  This is one application for over 100 scholarships.  You can start preparing for the scholarship application by creating an account, writing your essays (3) and more.  Check out the website here:

Questions?  Please make an appointment or email me!

November is College Application Month!!

Want help completing one or more?  scan or click the QR code.

Already online?  Click the QR code to make an appointment with Mr. Parham.

College Fair coming up on September 14th!

September NEWS

Seniors, September is the month to create your FSA-IDs, attend college presentations and begin applying to school and scholarships.  Reach out to Mr. Parham for help at

The Scholarship club starts on Friday!  Come to Gear Up during your lunch.

FSA-IDs are created to allow students access to the FAFSA application (for financial aid) in October.  Not all students have Social Security Numbers, which are required to create an FSA-ID.  If you can not create an FSA-ID for this reason, I encourage you to visit this website for alternatives to pay for college.