What's the Plan?

Build Your Doors.


High school is a different experience for each person that navigates through it.  But one thing that everyone has in common is that, eventually, they stop going.  

How prepared are you?  

Each person that works at a school contributes in their own small ways to that preparation.  They want each student to engage in the rest of their lives with the best possible version of themselves.

The College and Career Counseling position is about focusing on and planning for that life after high school.  It is about helping each student find, build and open doors to that future.  Each student has their own path to take.  And for many, the end of high school is the beginning of that journey.  

What happens after you graduate?  Start with a plan.

College and Career Planning Guides. 

Every Amphi Student has their own account for:

Major Clarity Career Action Planning https://platform.majorclarity.com/ career searches, personality assessments, scholarships, college searches and an academic organizer. (You can log in with your normal Amphi Login information.)

Know what you want to do?  Have no idea?  Start with a plan, this website can help.

You can go to college regardless of immigration status

Resources for students with complex immigration status can be found at http://www.scholarshipsaz.org/ .  Their vision: "We believe everyone deserves the right to attain a higher education, regardless of their immigration status."  (Scholarships A-Z, 2018) Read more at their website.

Arizona high school graduation requirements

The Arizona Board of Regents graduation requirements require 22 credits, at minimum to graduate.

The SWEET 16!!! Take these courses to be ready for entry into a University.

(Arizona State Board of Education, 2018)


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