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St. Rose School District #14-15

St. Rose Public School District #14-15 is a small rural district in St. Rose, Illinois which is 45 miles east of St. Louis, Missouri.

The district encompasses 32.5 miles of land in north central Clinton County and a small portion of  Madison County.  The Village of St. Rose has a population of 900 residents.

The community’s economic base is tied to agriculture (specifically dairy farming) and agri-business. Residents also work in the St. Louis metropolitan area or in the local business community. 

St. Rose School District #14-15

St. Rose School is a pre-kindergarten through grade eight attendance center with an enrollment average of 200 students.  There is one section of each grade level Pre-K through 8th grade. The school has both a two day per week 3 yr old PreK Program and a Pre-kindergarten Program (3-5) that is grant funded.

There are many opportunities for students to excel in academics, citizenship, athletics and to explore areas that are of interest to them.

Student test scores on State Assessments (IAR/ISA) are posted with the Interactive School Report Card.  These scores are testament to the commitment of students and staff to achieve excellence in education at St Rose School.

Since 1996, St. Rose School has been recognized for academic excellence through School Search being given the Bright Star Award and receiving the Excellence Quality Award from Illinois State Board of Education.