Kindergarten Pre Registration Forms

Kindergarten Pre Registration Forms

Please gather the following documents and fill out forms below and return the week of April 29th to pre register your child for kindergarten

Documents Needed at Pre Registration in April:

New Students to the District:

  1. Original birth certificate from the county clerk’s office, signed by the county clerk with raised seal. Please note: We not accept hospital certificates
  2. Proof of Residency Documents. Please Bring two original documents of proof:

(one document) for Category 1 establishing property in the district (tax bill, lease agreement) (one document) for Category 2 establishing an address (driver’s license, utility bill).

Copies will be placed in your child’s file.

Please complete and return the following documents below when you Pre Register in April:

  1. Kindergarten Registration Form
  2. Data collection Form
  3. Language survey
  4. Blackboard Connect
  5. Verification of Residency Forms:

Continuing student from District #14-15

New Student to District #14-15

  1. Please let us know anything your child may be allergic to (Foods, Medicines, etc...) or any additional information we should know about your child.

Registration fees and lunch fees will be due & payable on registration day in August