Academic Excellence

For decades, St. Robert Catholic School has attracted families from throughout the Sacramento region. We believe that families are drawn to St. Robert School, in part, for our academic excellence. Not only do we encourage the best from our students, but we also expect the best from our teachers.

Excellence in the classroom is a quality that every parent should demand. It is also a phrase that may be overused in the educational circle. In recognition of this, we recently sat down with our teachers to explore what this phrase might mean on a day-to-day basis.

Here’s what we learned.

Excellence in the classroom is as dynamic as it is multi-faceted. It is both a progressive process of learning and an interactive process of engagement by both students and teachers. It may be as simple as kindergarten students learning to become more independent in working on class assignments to fourth-grade students finding comfort in giving oral presentations. It may be seen in the extra minute that teachers spend with individual students to offer the support needed to make the final step towards success. Excellence is when teachers enable students to connect with the topic at hand and spur them to raise more questions than there might be answers. It may be felt in the sense of security that students develop – the feeling of safety that allows them to explore the endless possibilities ahead. Traces of excellence may be found in each step along the way to graduation. But, ultimately, excellence may be found when our students are able to apply what they have learned at St. Robert to high school, college, and beyond.


Learning Expectations

A St. Robert School student is a...


  • Understands Catholic teachings
  • Develops a personal relationship with God through prayer
  • Serves the needs of others with compassion
  • Treats God’s creation with respect
  • Remains active in his or her faith community
  • Reads and understands the Scriptures
  • Maintains the courage to make correct moral choices
  • Treats his or her body as a Temple of the Holy Spirit


  • Values and celebrates diversity
  • Participates as an active member of his or her local community
  • Works cooperatively with others
  • Understands and exercises his or her duties as a citizen
  • Resolves conflicts in a peaceful manner
  • Makes choices that protect personal health and the health of others
  • Takes responsibility for his or her actions
  • Uses appropriate manners and etiquette in social situations


  • Demonstrates a strong foundation in the basics of all subjects
  • Uses information to think independently and analytically
  • Reads for learning and enjoyment
  • Expresses him- or herself clearly in written and oral communications
  • Plans, sets, and works toward goals effectively
  • Experiences and appreciates the fine arts
  • Remains current with issues affecting his or her communities
  • Uses technology for learning and communicating
  • Analyzes problems and finds effective solutions
  • Uses education to improve the lives and health of community members