My Fellow Rebels

Welcome! I am excited to be a part of this promising effort to stay connected. The goals of our alumni page are to provide a forum through which we can foster the feeling of lifelong friendship and to promote both our common interests and the welfare of St. Robert School for generations to come.

I hope you will visit for updates on class reunions, annual events, and other news. As both an alumnus and a parent of two students at St. Robert School, I support the school in inviting you to join our St. Robert School Alumni Group on Facebook.

Please feel free to contact me at should you have any questions.

We stand together!

Carina Saraiva, Class of 1993,

St. Robert School Alumni Coordinator

Volunteer Opportunities

Alumni are always invited to return to St. Robert School as volunteers.

As you may know, all school-age children could benefit from looking to adults as mentors and role models. Even with an hour of your time, you could give a school-age child the opportunity to dream of the many possibilities that might lie ahead for our graduates.

Please contact the office at (916) 452-2111 if you would like to volunteer your time.