America From The Ground Up

“Every day we walk on top of thousands of years of history. The natural wonders in the landscape and the sidewalks of our cities hold the secrets of America’s past. Those stories are waiting there to be discovered by us. Join me on public television for an exciting expedition to uncover those hidden stories as I dig into the archaeological history of America From the Ground Up!" —Dr. Monty Dobson

Join Dr. Monty Dobson for the expedition to uncover America's archaeological history on public television. America From the Ground Up follows Monty in each episode as he digs into a different chapter of America’s archaeological story. Each of the three planned seasons explores the effect on America of one of its three major colonizing powers: New France (Season One); New Spain (Season Two); and Great Britain (Season Three). America From the Ground Up is history like you've never seen it before.

America From the Ground Up is a partnership between Central Michigan University College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences (formerly the College of Humanities & Social & Behavioral Sciences), CMU Public Media, and The Missouri Humanities Council.