Funding Opportunities

Funding Opportunities

Help us continue the expedition to uncover America's archaeological story on public television. America From the Ground Up is an award-winning series that takes viewers along on an archaeological expedition to discover America’s history. Thought provoking and engaging programs like this on public television attract intelligent, curious, and adventurous viewers who are passionate about discovery, science and history.

As an underwriter, your branding partnership with us will reach a broad, national audience and benefit from the halo effect of the public trust in public television. And, history and science viewers are an affluent and influential audience who are loyal to the sponsors that bring them the programming they love. In fact, according to PBS, viewers of public television:

  • 64% of viewers believe that sponsors are more trustworthy than those seen on other networks
  • 76% agree that sponsors are committed to quality and excellence
  • 36% indicated that they have
  • researched details about the sponsors they’ve seen on public television
  • 18% have purchased a sponsor’s product

America's public television station's prime-time household audience is significantly larger than most commercial channels. For example, in 2015 PBS was the 5th most watched network in America with a prime-time audience that beat all the cable networks.

What is Underwriting?

In the public television world, advertising is called underwriting. These funds come from corporations, business communities, government agencies, unions, associations, and foundations. In return for this support, the sponsor message or “thank you” credit is built into the program and must be aired each time the show is broadcast.

On-Air Sponsor Benefits Include

    • Two 15 second on-air spots per episode (six episodes per season)
    • Airs Nationally (that’s +3600 15 second national spots based on Season 1 performance)
    • Stand out in a clutter-free broadcast environment: public television airs less than three commercial minutes per hour

Off-Air Sponsor Benefits Include

    • Display ads throughout series website
    • 15- or 30-second instream messages in online video
    • Linked logos in masthead throughout website
    • Sponsor logo on new DVDs created for that season
    • Visibility across series’ social media pages
    • Acknowledgement in series newsletter The Dig Crew
    • Acknowledgement on Education materials created during sponsorship term

For more info about underwriting the forthcoming Season Three of AFTGU, please contact us at the following:

Stratigraphic Productions LLC
2020 South Mission Street, #432
Mount Pleasant, MI 48858
Telephone: +1 (888) 885-5386
Email: info(AT)

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