stratford 2022


This is your opportunity to shape the direction of Stratford by choosing its leaders for the next four years. Anyone concerned about wealth inequality, affordable housing, urban sprawl, climate change, or public engagement has good reason to vote.


Municipal politics is very different than provincial and federal politics because there isn’t a party or platform on where they stand on issues. Each councillor and mayor makes decisions based on their knowledge and views of a particular issue, along with engagement from their local constituents.


Electing the wrong people to local office could trigger long-term damage in all areas of the public sector. That’s why it’s so important for voters both to be informed and to take the time to cast a ballot and act on their best judgment.

This site was created by community members who believe that we go to school, live and work in a wonderful city and that we can contribute to making Stratford an even better place for all of its residents by being informed. The information presented here is without bias.