Welcome to Spanish at St. Paul's Lutheran School with Sra. Sullivan!

¿Quién es Señora Sullivan?

Sra. Sullivan first started studying Spanish in summer school before she started third grade. She has now been studying Spanish for over 20 years! Her studies include a semester of study at la Universidad de Guanajuato in Guanajuato, Mexico. During her time living in Mexico, she visited many different Mexican states to experience the Mexican culture first-hand. She has also worked with many Spanish-speaking families and students in the School District of Janesville during her 11 years as an ELL teacher, working with students who did not speak English as their only or primary home language. Sra. Sullivan started teaching middle school Spanish at St. Paul's in the Fall of 2017. She has a passion for learning other languages and hopes to ignite the flames of this in her students. In her own words, "I hope to share my passion for learning another language with your child and to peak their interest in continuing with world language studies in the future, no matter what language it may be!"

When Sra. Sullivan is not at school, you will most likely find her at home enjoying time with her husband of over 12 years and her two sons - Christian (2) and Lochlan (1). She also sings in the Worship Team at St. Paul's and teaches (and takes) dance classes at 5-6-7-8 Dance Studio here in Janesville.

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(608) 754-4471, ext. 413

Todo del programa español

At St. Paul's, Spanish is offered to students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. Students have class twice a week. Upon finishing their Spanish studies at St. Paul's, students will be ready to enroll in Spanish II at area high schools. Students will develop their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills simultaneously. The main goal of the Spanish program is proficiency, wherein students are able to use the skills they have acquired in the real-world! To learn more about the specific topics students will be studying at each grade-level, visit the class subpages.

In order for students to gain proficiency (and not just short-term memorization), students will be provided with opportunities to acquire the Spanish language. In order to encourage this, students will hear, see, and use Spanish 90% of the time while in Spanish class. Activities will be presented in meaningful, communicative contexts and will provide concrete experiences through the use of visuals, props, realia, and hands-on activities. Students will learn how to become language detectives - actively constructing meaning with the support of their teacher.

Curriculum & Thematic Units of Study

St. Paul's Spanish Course Outline

Sitios del Web que usamos

    • Language learning site
    • Students will be provided with log-in information and be connected to Sra. Sullivan's class

    • Classroom management tool focusing on positive reinforcement
    • Parents will be provided information for connecting with Sra. Sullivan's class

    • Virtual Spanish-English dictionary
    • This is the BEST resource for checking the translation of a word, as it provides a thorough explanation of nuances in meaning and word choice
    • This is also the ONLY online translation resource Sra. Sullivan's students are allowed to use!

La Política de Sra. Sullivan


Language acquisition is a never-ending process - and not every student learns at the same rate or at the same time as their classroom peers. Just because a student didn't get something correct the first time an assignment or activity is attempted does not mean the opportunity is lost! Students in Sra. Sullivan's classroom are welcome to make corrections to any graded assignment as many times as s/he chooses - and will receive full credit for the learning!


It is imperative for students - especially at this age-level - to begin understanding what they need as a learner in order to be successful. That includes understanding how to choose a seat in the room that will support learning and limit distractions. As such, students in Sra. Sullivan's classroom benefit from open-seating on any day Señora is in charge of the classroom. She actively supports students in understanding what each individual needs in order to maximize his/her learning opportunities.

Need some extra help or one-on-one time with Señora?

Sra. Sullivan is available after school on Tuesdays and Thursday until 3:30.