4th Grade Rocks

Where everything is possible because we can do everything!

Growth Mindset= Positive Attitude= Achievement

I Can Song

Motivational Video

Self Talk Speech

Its Game Time


is a good day.

I thank God

for waking me up today.

I'm going to school

So I can learn,

Go to college,

And be the leader that God created me to be.


I am empowered

By my teachers

With the tools to be successful

Within in my community

And throughout my country.

I apply myself daily.

I study.

I ask questions when I don't understand.

When I am confronted

with a problem

or a conflict

I think

before I react

I ignore all negative influences

in the classroom

and throughout my school day

I am extremely proud

To be the next generation

of Christian leaders

I accept responsibility

And I love the challenge!

Lets GO!

You Ready?

Game Time!

Start the day out with something positive!

Our kids can learn!

Its our job to teach them!