Welcome to 5th Grade!

Welcome to 5th grade! This year your child will have two classroom teachers, Mr. Yanci and Mrs. Weaver. Students will start the day in their homeroom and will switch daily depending on their specials for that day. This website is designed for you to be able to see your child's daily work/homework in both of these classes. Assignments are started in class and homework will depend on the student's ability as well as how they manage their time. If you have concerns please contact the appropriate teacher. Students are expected to write assignments down in class and bring necessary materials home. Homework does not just mean daily assignments. It also means long term assignments which might include preparation for projects and tests. Students are notified of these types of assignments and should plan accordingly.

Mr. Yanci will teach Religion to his homeroom. He will also teach Reading, English, Social Studies and Spelling to both homeroom classes.

Mrs. Weaver will teach Religion to her homeroom. She will also teach Math, Science and Health to both homeroom classes.

All smiles for these 5th graders on the first day!

Here is a document with links to the blogs we have created in class. Both classes are included. Please take some time to look at what our 5th graders are learning and writing about!

Student Blog Links 2018-2019
Classroom Introductory Packet 2018.pdf

This is our classroom packet with information and policies for the 2018-2019 school year. It is passed out on the first day of school.

Khan Academy! information night

Please use the Google Slide presentation to the left for hints on how to monitor your child's progress and understand expectations. This is something Mrs. Weaver used at an information night for 3rd and 5th parents in the fall of 2017 when there were a lot of new expectations to Khan Academy. If you have questions, please let Mrs. Weaver know and she would be happy to review the expectations.

Below are the special schedules for both classes. A copy will be handed out to students on the first day.

5W Specials
5Y Specials