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In our Catholic school community of St Modan's, we are committed to nurturing all of our young people physically, socially, morally, spiritually and intellectually We are a school where, through the promotion of Gospel values, all young people and staff thrive, and have opportunities to grow in wisdom and grace. We are open to many faiths and spiritual journeys, and inclusivity is one of the touchstones of our beliefs

Our 90th Year

On September 5th 1933 Archbishop MacDonald of St Andrews and Edinburgh presided over the official opening of St Modan's High School in Barnsdale Road, St Ninians, Stirling. This would mark the first academic session under the leadership of the first Rector - Joseph Foxworthy.  

Since that day, every academic year has seen hundreds (and occasionally thousands) of pupils and staff gather in our corridors and classrooms, dining areas and sports-fields in the noble pursuit of acquiring skills and knowledge, but also of developing friendship and a sense of community. 

A 90th anniversary is known as a Granite Anniversary

Like Granite, our spirit, our values and our community of St Modan's High School has endured.

Now, almost a century after our school was established, 2023 represents this incredible milestone in our school's impressive history  - the 90th Anniversary, and we plan to celebrate. 

As part of our celebrations, this page aims to help mark this significant date by sharing details about the past, present and future of this amazing school. 

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