For Faculty

In addition to supporting the individual research needs of SEU faculty, the University Archives and Special Collections provides an opportunity for instructors to enrich their students' education through collaboration and partnerships. Incorporating the archives into your coursework encourages a student's critical thinking, develops their research skills, and fosters a deeper engagement with the university.

Our collections contain materials relevant to a wide range of topics, allowing students to explore interdisciplinary connections and perspectives. Even a single collection can include materials relevant to several topics, encouraging students to make connections across different fields of study.

The Archives facilitates experiential learning through hands-on engagement with historical artifacts. These primary source materials include manuscripts, letters, photographs, maps, and artifacts that offer firsthand accounts of historical events. These materials provide students with tangible evidence to analyze and interpret, allowing them to develop critical thinking skills and gain a deeper understanding of historical contexts.

Professional archivists teach valuable research skills, including archival research methods, document analysis, and preservation techniques. By teaching students to use primary source materials from the archives, students learn to question assumptions, challenge historical narratives, and engage in critical dialogue about the past. 

Ways Faculty Can Partner with the Munday Library Archives

Bring your class to the Archives Reading Room

Invite the Archivist to your class for a Guest Lecture

Design an Assignment around an Archival Collection

Create Artifacts to be added to the Archives

Liaison Students with In-Depth Research Needs / Special Projects