Jump Rope for Heart

JRFH Envelope Forms With Money are Due March 21st

In the months of February and March our school is participating in a community service program called Jump Rope For Heart to benefit the American Heart Association. With the parents permission, students will be raising money by the way of donations. We have dedicating time during Physical Education to give students the opportunity to enhance their aerobic capacity, muscular endurance and body composition in a fun and social atmosphere. At the end of Febraury we will have a JUMP ROPE FOR HEART KICK OFF EVENT to celebrate all the jumping we will do. Your child Does NOT have to participate in raising money for the American Heart Association to participate in the event or any class activities.

If you lost your envelope there are extras in the school office or your child can get one from me in the gym. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions jmalo@stcharlesb.org

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The 2018 "Jump Rope for Heart" event was a great success in the fight against heart disease and stroke. The Saint Charles Borromeo students raised approximately $12,500.00 for the American Heart Association...WOW!! That is almost a 4,000 dollar increase from last year. Our students and the PE program have benefited from doing this fundraiser by maintaining some of our equipment supply through the American Heart Association. St. Charles Borromeo students demonstrated community service, striving to lead a healthy lifestyle and being good citizens. Thank you to all students, parents, families, and staff for the outstanding support of the Jump Rope for Heart event.

Mr. Malo