Academic Camps

AP Biology Prep

Students will learn how to gather and analyze the scientific information necessary for the mandatory laboratory experiments.

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AP Chemistry Prep

The curriculum covered will include a review of the previous topics you have already learned, in addition to the new and challenging topics you will study in the upcoming school year. Students will have considerable support with the AP summer assignment and conduct laboratory experiments to supplement the material taught.

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AP Physics I Prep

The purpose of the AP Physics I Prep class is to introduce students who have been placed into AP Physics I to the fundamental concepts of high school physics.

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AP Calculus Prep

This class is designed for students who have completed Algebra 2 and Trigonometry with a 95% final grade and who have demonstrated concentrated, independent and creative thinking commensurate with an honors program.

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Preparation for Geometry

Struggle a little bit with algebra?  This two-week program is perfect for those students seeking to hone or solidify their foundation in algebra before they take on the challenges of geometry.  Its design is for those students who are accelerating into Freshman Geometry and want to ensure they have a strong algebra foundation.

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The Freshman Prep

In a four-week seminar taught by St. Anthony’s High School teachers, students will spend time reviewing and learning the necessary skills needed for high school.  Lessons and activities will emphasize such topics as time management techniques, developing listening skills, effective note taking, the latest test taking strategies, and memorization tactics.

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Freshman ELA Enrichment

this program seeks to assist incoming students in preparation for the rigors of a high school English Language Arts curriculum. Students will work to develop their knowledge of grammar and usage as well as MLA format/styling. Students will study MLA format, styling and practice annotating to develop and support reading comprehension.

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Coding, Gaming, Engineering, Digital Design!  This camp is designed for students in grades 4-8 who want to learn about the different concepts of STEAM.  Students will get an introduction to a variety of STEAM concepts and choose one field of study to dig a little deeper and complete a more complex project.

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Theatre Camp

The St. Anthony’s Theatre Camp is an intensive two week program that will help develop students’ skills in all areas of theatrical performance.  Students will study acting techniques, scene development, vocal training, musical interpretation and dance for musical theatre.  

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Bagpiping 101
(For beginners)

Ever thought you might be interested in playing the bagpipes?  This introduction to the bagpipe program will have you working with a practice chanter on the basic fundamentals and playing a few melodies when it’s all said and done.  It is an excellent prelude to our Introduction to Bagpipes Course #8861.
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