LD4 Community

Community Charter

LD4 is a community that works together to advance library and archival practices. We focus on linking and using data on the Web to advance the mission, goals and objectives of libraries and archives.  

Participation in the LD4 Community is open to anyone--individual or institution; non-profit, government or commercial. Through direct participation, and through its various channels, projects and events, LD4 brings together thousands of individuals worldwide.


The world enriched with library data; libraries enriched with the world’s data.


Advance library and archival practices by establishing an open, diverse, sustainable and library and archives-led community. Together, we explore, learn and collaborate to raise awareness and know-how, encourage adoption, and foster an ecosystem of interoperable standards, tools and services in order to move linked open data and other techniques from theory into practice, at scale.

Steering group 

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The Steering Group would like to invite anyone interested to join our Slack channel or subscribe to the LD4 Community email list.

Affinity Groups 

LD4 Affinity Groups serve as interest and/or working groups, and are self-organizing based on community interest and activity. They have chairs, objectives, and are open and transparent. Affinity groups are open to all, regardless of institutional or organizational affiliation.

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Activities and Outcomes

To achieve our mission of promoting awareness, adoption, and use of library and archival data linked with the world’s information, the LD4 Community supports the following activities and outcomes: