We are happy to welcome students, parents and staff members to the 2023/2024 school year at Rippowam Middle School!

About the PTO

We are happy to welcome students, parents and staff members to this exciting year at Rippowam Middle School. Your Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is already planning fun and educational activities to support you and your students’ social and learning environment. 

Our PTO's mission is to promote the welfare of our children by securing quality academic, physical, and social education, and promote an environment of cooperation between parents and teachers where our staff can do their best work and our students do their best learning.

Every parent/guardian and teacher is already a member of our PTO. Working with our PTO lets you impact hundreds of lives - including the one’s closest to your heart. We know your time is valuable and promise that the time you give to your PTO and Rippowam will be worth your while!  I would like to help on the board: CLICK HERE

Thank you for your donations that help us fund important events and mini-grants! To date the PTO has funded special events and teacher's mini-grants

Stay safe and be well 😃

Rippowam PTO Newsletter 

(weekly updates)

5 Bins are currently at Rippowam!   We now have 3  bins in the front and 2 bins in the back by Loveland Road. 

Great time to do all of your spring/summer/fall cleaning!

Help support current Donors Choose campaigns that are posted online!

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