SSUL Rec Cup

The Recreational Cup is the WYSA State Tournament exclusively for U11-U19 recreational teams. The tournaments preliminary games are held within each respective district in October and November with the SSUL Final games being held prior to Thanksgiving. The SSUL champions will then proceed to the State Quarterfinals the first weekend in December, with the semi-finalists moving on to the second weekend in December to play semi-finals and finals.


Please review the State Rules for Recreational Cup link at the bottom of this page for eligibility.

This cup is open to recreational teams only. A recreational team is defined as any team where the use of tryouts, invitations, recruiting or any like process to roster players selectively on the basis of talent or ability is prohibited.

SSUL administrators will determine whether teams fit the recreational classification.

Additionally your tournament roster is your registered team for the current league season - no guest players allowed.

2018 Important Dates

  • September 1st - Registration Opens
  • September 25th - Registration Closes
  • September 29th - Invoices go to Associations
  • October 10th - Invoices Due
  • October 1st - Mandatory Coaches Conference Call - 7pm
  • October 13-14 - SSUL Preliminary Round begins
  • November 17-18 - SSUL Championship matches (location TBD)
  • December 1-2 - State Quarterfinals (location TBD)
  • December 8-9 - State Semifinals/Finals (Starfire)

Entry Fees

The entry fee is $150 per team. Check with your home Association/Club for any additional fees. All fees are payable to your Home Association.

How to Register

  1. Head coaches/team manager or other team official will need to contact their home association or club to determine the process and total fee to register for the tournament.
  2. Turn in Payment to your Association Registrar by date requested by your club or association.
  3. Association Registrars will register the teams for the Rec Cup via the SSUL Affinity website. Registrars should follow the same process they use for registered for SSUL league plan. Under the Tournament tab select the “SSUL Rec Cup 2018”

Additional Information

  • Teams will play all teams in their bracket during the preliminary SSUL round. Most teams will see a minimum of 2-3 games. If there are no other teams in the bracket the single team will not have preliminary games and will move on to state play.
  • Member Passes (Player cards) will be required for players and team officials.
  • Games are generally played on the opposite day of your league game (although league or Cup games may occur mid-week).
  • All coaches, trainers, managers, and other team personnel (limited to 4 in number) must be RMA cleared and have a current member pass.
  • Only rostered coaches/managers/trainers will be allowed on the sidelines at District and State final games.
  • Make sure you and your team reserve the first two weekends in December for state portion of the tournament.
  • Do not neglect to confer with you team to ensure they will be available to play in the State finals (i.e. be sure they aren't busy with basketball or skiing) and are willing to travel to the Quarterfinal venue (which could be anywhere in the state).
  • Note to older teams please be aware that academic testing can be a conflict during preliminaries and with state finals.
  • Also accommodation is not made for teams to attend Homecoming or recover from Homecoming.
  • If you achieve a spot in the SSUL Rec Cup finals, you will be required to provide a volunteer.
  • There are no games Thanksgiving weekend.


For any questions on the SSUL Recreational Cup, contact Art King at