2018 Production Dates:

July 12th, 13th, 14th at 7pm and July 15th at 2pm

River Arts Center, 105 9th St, Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin

May 18th, 2018 - Thank you to everyone who came out to auditions! The directors were EXTREMELY impressed with the amount of really talented people that have auditioned for our production of Into the Woods. We're all so proud of our community and the talent that is available here. It is a gift. Congratulations to everyone cast!

SPTG Announces Summer Musical

The Sauk Prairie Theatre Guild will produce the musical “Into The Woods” Lyrics and Music composed by Stephen Sondheim and book by James Lapine. Performances will be Thursday – Sunday July 12-15, 2018 at the River Arts Center, 105 Ninth St. in Prairie du Sac. Director Rauel LaBreche and Music Director Meg Aspinwall are seeking talented actors and vocalists to make this a truly stellar showcase of the talent in our community.

With Orchestra direction by David Miotke, Technical Direction and Sound Design by Nick Dingman and a host of other talented behind the scenes artists, this promises to be a wonderful “adventure” for all involved. Auditions will be May 13-15 with Callbacks on May 16. Auditions will be held at Park Hall, 307 Polk St. in Sauk City. Rehearsals begin on May 29.

For more information read the synopsis and a summary of roles below. Please also feel free to go to https://www.mtishows.com/into-the-woods


“Be careful what you wish for” seems to be the ongoing theme in Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine’s Brothers Grimm inspired musical, Into the Woods. The story follows The Baker and his wife who wish to have a child, Cinderella who wishes to go the King’s Festival, and Jack who wishes his cow would give some milk. When the Baker and his wife are visited by the neighborhood witch, who reveals to them that she placed a curse on their family, the two set off on a journey into the woods to reverse the curse. Also in the woods, we meet Little Red, who is trying to visit her grandmother, the Wolf who loves tasty little girls, the Witch’s daughter Rapunzel, and the Princes chasing after their loves. By the end of Act I, everyone has gotten their wish and will seemingly live happily ever after. But in Act II, when Jack’s beanstalk brings them a visit from an angry Giant, we see how the consequences of their actions haunt them in disastrous ways. The community must come together to save each other and their kingdom, but sacrifices must be made.

Character Name Gender Designation Range

The Baker Male Lead Baritone

A man whose family has been cursed by the Witch. He harbors a deep fear of the woods.

The Baker’s Wife Female Lead Mezzo-Soprano

A childless woman, with a mind of her own and a questionable understanding of vows.

The Witch Female Lead Mezzo-Soprano

The Baker's ugly old neighbor, who has put a spell on the Baker because his father stole her magic beans and ravaged her arugula.

Cinderella Female Lead Soprano

A spirited girl who wishes to dance before the Prince but must work in her Stepmother's kitchen, a dreary existence relieved only by her ability to talk to the birds.

Jack Male Lead Tenor

A charming simpleton whose best friend is a cow, but dreams of having a piggy.

Little Red Riding Hood Female Lead Mezzo-Soprano

A small girl who talks to strangers and barely lives to regret it and profit from it.

Cinderella’s Prince / Wolf Male Lead Baritone

Whether defined as a man or animal, a creature obsessed with his next “meal”

Character Name Gender Designation Range

Cinderella’s Stepmother Female Supporting Mezzo-Soprano

A woman with a beautiful façade, and a vile heart.

Florinda Female Supporting Mezzo-Soprano

Cinderella's stepsister, a younger, nastier version of her mother.

Lucinda Female Supporting Mezzo-Soprano

Cinderella's other stepsister, somewhat the same physically but more intellectually challenged than her sister.

Jack’s Mother Female Supporting Soprano

A poor woman struggling to keep the wolf from the door

Narrator / Mysterious Man Male Supporting Baritone

A storyteller who also plays - A figure who lingers long enough to make an impression on Jack and the Baker, and is really the Baker's father, who supposedly perished years ago in a "baking accident".

Rapunzel Female Supporting Soprano

The Witch's adopted daughter, but actually the Baker's sister. She is pre-occupied and soothed by singing and the combing of her hair in a high tower.

Rapunzel’s Prince Male Supporting Baritone

Brother to Cinderella’s Prince, a man obsessed with a vision of love and a fear of dwarves.

Cinderella’s Mother Female Featured Soprano

Deceased, grown from the tears of her daughter and now active as a ghostly spirt and guide.

The Steward Male Featured Spoken / Chorus

The Princes’ companion and messenger, mindless and ruthless.

Cinderella’s Father Male Featured Spoken / Chorus

A man under the thumb of his second wife.

Red Riding Hood's

Grandmother / Giantess Female Featured Spoken / Chorus

A sick old lady who lives in the woods and A large woman with a legitimate grievance.

Sleeping Beauty Female Featured Chorus

A maiden who slumbers in a tower surrounded by a thicket of briar a hundred feet deep.

Snow White Female Featured Chorus

Another sleeping beauty, but guarded by dwarfs.

Other Grimm’s characters may be cast as well, depending upon actor’s abilities and willingness to commit to rehearsal and performance requirement as well as costuming capabilities of SPTG staff.

INTO THE WOODS is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI). All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI. www.MTIShows.com