Sauk Praire Theatre Guild

Teen Productions

Living in a smaller community, teens that are serious about theater often find there are not as many theatrical opportunities as there are in larger cities. In 2016 Corinne Kessler, our first Junior Board member, started the Theatre Guild Teen Production Program - Midstage Theatre Troupe. The teen production not only provides a chance to act but also an unique opportunity for students to explore and control the production from start to finish.

The first play, Play the Cards You're Dealt, tackled the difficult topic of school shootings. Pushing the teens explore a wide range of emotions on the stage. The teens had local principals and liaison officer join them on stage afterwards for an audience talk back.

Student Acted. Student Directed.

Summer 2018

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We are excited to continue this new Guild tradition with our current Junior Board Members. Teens that are in high school or graduating from high school this year are welcome to audition. Watch our site and Facebook for more details. Or click here to sign up for audition notifications.