At Pacelli Catholic Schools, we use technology as an accelerator of learning. All students in 1st through 8th grade are issued an iPad for educational use as part of a 1:1 iPad program. The program uses digital curriculum materials, student collaboration tools, and individualized instruction in all subject areas with the goal of enhancing student learning. Information for students and parents involved in the program may be found below. In addition, Kindergartners have a number of shared iPads they utilize in the classroom. Pacelli Catholic Schools have a robust wireless network to support the iPad program.

iPad Program Background

The changing landscape of the world’s information to digital form will require today’s student to have a different set of skills than what was required just a decade ago. Future graduates must be equipped with not just the three R’s, but also with the four C’s of technology, creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication. Students will need to be able to quickly find, synthesize and communicate information and collaborate with colleagues– not just in their own office, but within a global community of colleagues and customers.

Thanks to a generous donation from the Sentry Insurance Foundation, we have been able to supply the entire Pacelli Catholic School System with 21st Century technology tools that will put them one step ahead in their future endeavors.

The goals of the 1:1 program are:

  • Enhance and accelerate learning
  • Leverage technology for individualizing instruction
  • Promote collaboration, increasing student engagement
  • Strengthen the 21st-century skills necessary for future student success.

The technology also increases access to digital curriculum, in place of traditional print textbooks and classroom equipment. The opportunity to use 1:1 devices gives students access to anywhere, anytime learning.