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Project Summary

SpaceTEAM.eu is an EU-funded (Erasmus+ KA2) project which aims to promote transnational learning for teachers and students and excite people to work and study in STEM fields by bringing a new element into STEM.

Heilig Hartinstituut (Belgium), IES Adolfo Suarez (Spain) and Suininlahti School (Finland) are in the process of creating a project-based STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Maths) course where lower secondary school students will examine space through a wide range of interdisciplinary activities through the means of building an actual spacecraft.

During the course, student teams will be plan, design and create an Arduino-based measurement device that will be sent into the edge of the Stratosphere with the help of a high-altitude balloon. Students will then examine the benefits of space exploration and atmospheric research by finding a topic that interests them and conducting an experiment of their own.



Stage 1. Teachers from participating schools create,build, test and finalize the course materials

August 2019

Stage 2. Student teams start working on the course and towards their scientific goals as space explorers

February 2020

Lift off! Student built near space balloons are launched to the edge of space in all 3 countries!

March - June 2020

Reporting phase. Data and experiences are interpreted into visual forms and presented by all students in the SpaceTEAM Fair in Leuven

The course will be structured to simulate a professional environment with teams working on the spacecraft and alternating project managers in charge of the big picture. The course syllabus examines space intersectionally ranging from physics, biology and maths to arts, history and languages. Students will be encouraged to pursue their passions, learn how to work as functional members of a team, and learn by experimenting and engaging in creative work

The scientific data gathered during the near space missions will be reinterpreted by students to create data visualizations, infographics, photographs and mixed media art. These results alongside the physical products that are created during the course will be presented in a SpaceTEAM.eu fair, a collaborative international exhibition open to the wider community with the hope of inspiring the public to be interested in STEM topics. Student teams will also disseminate their experiences by going to local elementary schools to give lessons about space and their project to younger children and pass the torch to the next generation of budding scientists. The aim is to engage the online community to get interested in STEM through a strong online presence with the help of the website and social media.

If you or your organization is interested in supporting support STEM education in Europe, please do not hesitate to contact us

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Mikko LaitinenSuininlahti SchoolMikko.Laitinen@siilinjarvi.fi

Raquel LermaIES Adolfo Suarezinfo@adolfosuarez.com

Nico Smets Heilig Hartinstituut Heverleenico.smets@hhscholen.be