The process below outlines how you can get technological and pedagogical support from the CTLS.

Step 1. Attend a workshop or watch a workshop recording.

Visit the Workshops page for information about upcoming workshops or recordings of prior workshops.

The “Designing for Fall” mini-course remains a resource for you even after you have completed the course and includes detailed tutorial videos on Moodle and Google basics as well as teaching strategies shared in the course’s collaboration spaces.

Step 2. Visit the “Keep Teaching” resource website

The “Keep Teaching” resource guide, originally created in spring 2020, has been recently updated. It includes:

  • teaching strategies and pedagogical guidance for socially-distanced in-person, blended, and remote teaching

  • educational technology guidance, including step-by-step tutorials and videos

  • information about upcoming workshops and recordings of previous workshops

  • a form for requesting additional support.

  • a clearinghouse page for finding information from other offices related to teaching for Fall 2020.

Step 3. If still in need of help:

Faculty Support Request Form: For issues related to teaching and teaching uses of educational technology, complete the Faculty Support Request Form

InfoDesk: For issues and problems related to hardware or application functionality -- for example, if your laptop, camera, or webcam are not working properly, or if RingCentral is not working or other applications are not functioning properly--contact the InfoDesk with a description of what you are experiencing.

Moodle Requests: For any of your Moodle needs listed below, please use Moodle Requests

  • to combine multiple sections of a course/site • this will allow multiple sections of the same class to view one site and, for you, one site to manage content and activities

  • to "copy" a Moodle site

  • to add someone to the Instructor Role [editing/editor permissions]

  • for needs other than already listed • for Moodle support requests, please use the Faculty Support Request Form

RESOURCE: This "Getting Help" quick guide can be printed or saved to your own drive.