Mathematics & Statistics Activities

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics of the University of South Alabama is proud to offer several recurring activities for our students and community.

Alabama Statewide Math Contest

Chris Nash Math Competition 

Girls in Math 

Math-Stat Club

Mobile Puzzle Festival & Mathematical Puzzle Programs (MaPP) 

Mobile Math Circle & Olympiad

Mobile Math Corps

National website: 

PME Journal Problem-Solving 

Pi Mu Epsilon Math Honor Society 

Putnam Exam 

SIMIODE Challenge Using Differential Equations Modeling (SCUDEM) 

Undergraduate Colloquium Talks 


For general inquiries from the community, contact the Outreach committee chair Dr. Steven Clontz <>.

For general inquiries from South students, contact the Student Affairs committee chair Dr. Andrei Pavelscu <>.

Past/inactive offerings

Girls Who Code 

Julia Robinson Math Festival