Snowline Technology


This site is a library of technology resources for Snowline Joint Unified School District staff. Within each section, you will find resources to help you with specific skills or areas of classroom practice. There are also training modules that you can complete to improve your skills and earn a badge to show your learning.

Google Tips, new tech tools, and news will be posted on the blog every two weeks.

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Table of Contents

  • Digital Citizenship: Lesson plans from Common Sense Media organized by grade level and topic with a teacher signature form to show that your classroom has completed its digital citizenship training.
  • Instruction: Ideas and tutorials for integrating specific technology tools into your classroom instruction focusing on the SAMR model.
  • Assessment: Tools for formative and summative assessment in the classroom.
  • Management: Ideas for device management to help you keep better track of the devices in your classroom and help with student sign in.
  • Tutorials: Video and image based tutorials to help you improve your skills with a variety of Google Tools.

Do you want to share something cool with me and everyone else? Please send me an email at to share it with the district. I will name your awesome suggestion after you when I share it out.