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Patrick Fogarty Catholic Secondary School is dedicated to developing a community of lifelong learners who strive to achieve christ-centred values. We work together to build an environment of mutual respect where community members are responsible to develop their potential in life. We take pride in recognizing christ in ourselves and in each other.

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Our mission at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School is to provide a caring and sharing environment where Catholic beliefs and gospel values are practised and reinforced. Students will be provided with opportunities for growth to ensure personal success as citizens of a local and global community.

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St. Theresa's High School is a community which celebrates our Catholic faith and spirit by accepting the challenge of living the Gospel. As partners in learning, we will dedicate ourselves to developing the necessary skills and attitudes that will enable us to contribute to the well-being of our local and global community.

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Scientia et Bonitas ~ Knowledge and Goodness

St. Joseph's Virtual Tour and Welcome from Guidance

The dedication and courage of St. Joan of Arc is our inspiration in providing excellence in Catholic education and fostering the development of minds, bodies and spirits.

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We, the family that make up Holy Trinity Catholic High School, consider our responsibility as three-fold: to prophesize, to reconcile and to minister.

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We are a dynamic, Catholic community built on love and faith. We respect the dignity of all individuals. We aspire to our highest potential in academic, spiritual, physical, and social growth by promoting a love of learning. We believe the spirit of God is guiding us.

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We are dedicated to academic excellence, the formation of Christian beliefs, and the development of the whole student. We celebrate our community of learners where each person's individuality is recognized and the joy of learning is enhanced.

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We are an open access school serving all of Muskoka and Parry Sound! At St. Dominic, our community shares a strong commitment to supporting students along their journey. Our faith is integral to our community and is modelled by our belief that each individual is a gift from God and we serve each other with the understanding that every individual is capable of learning and can experience success. At St. Dominic, we are all committed to service and we are called to excellence. We strive to be the best that we can be, trusting in God and ensuring that our school is a sacred learning space where students feel safe and have a voice. Discover the St. Dominic difference!

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