Frequently Asked Questions

How will my e-stations revenue be settled?

Earnings generated are automatically credited to your account. Store your bank details in your account in order to trigger a payment to the associated bank account at any time.

We charge 10% on all gross financial transactions that are processed via the eCarUp platform. This also includes all credit card fees. The commission is retained directly and automatically in the payment process (via app or directly by credit card).

Can I manage multiple charging stations with a single account?

Yes, you can manage an unlimited number of charging stations with one account.

My charging station has the status "Out of service". What does that mean?

The charging station cannot be used at the moment. This status is displayed if a charging station has not connected to the backend in the last few minutes, e.g. because the Wi-Fi has been interrupted or the station is not connected to the Internet for any other reason. Therefore, first check the Wi-Fi / Internet connection on site. Another reason could be a power outage on site, making the station unusable.

What happens, if a driver causes damage on my charging station?

Liability insurance is mandatory in the Swiss Road Traffic Act. eCarUp refuses any liability towards any damages caused by users.

Are the revenues generated by an eCarUp charging station taxable?

The revenues from renting out your charging station are taxable. Reductions in value of the charging station and expenses linked directly to the revenue creation are deductible (in Switzerland).

Please check your local legislation for further information.

Does my charging station have to be publicly accessible with eCarUp?

No, as a station owner you can flexibly decide who, when and at what price can use your station and thus have complete control over the use of the station. The access type and the special users can be adjusted at any time in the web portal without additional costs.

What are public / special users?

eCarUp van be used in three different modes:


A public charging station can be used by everyone.


You can give special users preferential availabilities and prices for your charging station. For example, you can choose to give acquaintances, neighbors, employees lower energy prices. If you want to share your charging station for free, there won’t be any eCarUp commission.


Only you as the station owner have access to the charging station.

You can switch operating modes over time.

How can I delete my profile?

You can’t delete your profile yourself. Please send an e-mail to with a statement why you want to delete your profile.

Am I allowed to sell energy at my charging station?

Yes! The Swiss Federal Council recorded this in the response to a parliamentary interpellation (16.3660).