2020-01-19 Parents Day

2020-01-11 Shun Teens Training (Tsim Sha Tsui)

2020-01-09 Thur Morning Assembly 6D

2020-01-04 Shun Teens Training (Shek Kip Mei)

2019-12-20 Christmas Celebration (by 2D Jackie Ngo, Wong WK and 2A Issac Wong)

2019-11-25 SU Phoenix

2019-11-22 SU Election (by 2D Jackie Ngo)

2019-11-12 S1 Tai Mei Tuk Trip

2019-11-09 P6 Visit

2019-11-7 Thur Morning Assembly 6C

2019-11-02 AGM of PTA

2019-11-02 Visiting Leonardo Da Vinci Exhibition at the City University

2019-10-31 Thur Morning Assembly

2019-10-17 Inauguration Ceremony

2019-10-16 Library Week

2019-10-10 Athletic Meets_Awards

2019-10-10 Athletic Meets (by Ms Wong MM)

2019-10-09 Athletic Meet_Awards

2019-10-09 Athletic Meets (by Ms Wong MM)

2019-10-09 Girl Guides

2019-10-04 SU and House Election_PM (by 2D Ngo HC Wong WK and 2A Wong TY)

2019-10-04 SU Election and House AGM_AM (by 2D Ngo HC Wong WK and 2A Wong TY)

2019-10-03 S6 Mock Job Interview Day

2019-10-03 Thur Morning Assembly

2019-09-27 Activities Enrollment Day (by 2D Ngo HC and Wong WK)

2019-09-27 Activities Enrollment Day (by Sham WL)

2019-09-19 Activities Board and School Life (by 2D Ngo HC and Wong WK)

2019-09-19 SU Afternoon Consultation

2019-09-19 Thur Morning Assembly

2019-09-12 Blood Donation

2019-09-12 Thur Morning Assembly

2019-09-05 Thur Morning Assembly 6B

2019-09-03 School Commencement Mass

2019-09-02 School Commences