2017-07-16 School Musical -- Oliver Twist (By Mr Lau)

2017-07-16 Anniversary Musical_Oliver Twist (By Ms Wong M M)

Musical - Oliver (By Mr. Kwok)

2017-07-14 35th Anniversary Celerbation Ceremony (By Cheung YM, Chiu WT, Chiu TM, Chan Ying)

2017-07-14 35th Anniversary Celebration (by Pau CW)

2017-07-14 35th Anniversary Celerbation Ceremony (By Ms Wong MM)

2017-07-14 Closing Ceremony (By Cheung YM Chiu WT)

2017-07-14 Closing Ceremony (By Ms Wong MM)

2017-07-03 Current Affairs Quiz Competition (By Chiu T M)

2017-06-29 School Visit from Shanghai

2017-06-05 Brother Lin Ruo Qi

2017-06-01 Thur Morning Assembly

2017-05-25 Thur Morning Assembly PTA

2017-05-22 T&L Graduation Show (by Mr. Pau)

2017-05-22 T&L Graduation Show (by Mr. Lau)

2017-05-19 Mr Lai Chi Wai Rock Climbing Winner

2017-05-18 Run Our City Awards

2016-17 Class Photos

2017-05-17 S2 Chinese Reading Competition


2017-05-12 Graduation Ceremony (By Wong M M)

2017-05-12 Graduration Ceremony (By Chiu T M)

2017-05-12 Graduation Ceremony (By Mr Lee Kin Hang)

2017-05-11 Thur Morning Assembly

2017-05-04 Calligraphy Workshop

2017-05-04 Thur Morning Assembly 2D

2017-04-30 HKACPOP

2017-04-30 HKACPOP (By Brian Yip)

2017-04-30 HKACPOP (By Mr. Lee Kin Hang)

2017-04-30 HKACPOP Rehearsal

2017-04-29 Home Coming 3 Big Bowl Feast

2017-04-29 Home Coming 2 Hall Show

2017-04-29 Home Coming Day (By Brian Yip)

2017-04-29 Home Coming Day Activities

2017-04-26 Exploring the book Kimi no Na wa (你的名字) and Japanese culture

2017-04-26 Weaving Hand Ropes (World Book Day)

2017-04-21 Love and Tune Concert

2017-04-20 Thur Morning Assembly 3D

2017-03-30 Thur Morning Assembly

2017-03-29 Hunger Meal

2017-03-23 Thur Morning Assembly

2017-03-20 積極人生禪繞畫 Drawing Zentangle

2017-03-16 Thur Morning Assembly

2017-03-08 Stations of the Cross

2017-03-03 Starry Tournament (By Wong M M)

2017-03-03 Starry Tournament (By Cheung Y M and Mui H Y)

2017-03-02 Thur Morning Assembly 4A

2017-03-01 Ash Wednesday

2017-02-23 M+ Rover!

2017-02-09 Thur Morning Assembly 6D

2017-01-12 Thur Morning Assembly

2017-01-07 35th Anniversary_Game Booth (By Mr Tse Chi Kit)

2017-01-07 35th Anniversary_Game Booth (By Photography Club)

2017-01-06 P6 Visit

2017-01-06 35th Anniversary_Game Booth (By Photography Club)

2017-01-06 35th Anniversary - Game Booth

2017-01-06 35th Anniversary_Game Booth (By Wong MM)

2017-01-05 Thur Morning Assembly 1B

2017-01-03 In Loving Memory of Mrs Wong Ho Y M

2016-12-20 Xmas Celebration

2016-12-01 Thur Day Morning Assembly 6D

2016-11-24 Thur Day Morning Assembly

2016-11-01 STEM

2016-11-07 Morning Exercise

2016-11-03 Thur morning Assembly 6C

2016-11-01 Halloween (By Cheung Y M)

2016-10-29 PTA AGM & S1 Parent Talk (by PCW)

2016-10-29 AGM of PTA (by Wong M M)

2016-10-17 Library Week

2016-10-17 Inauguration Ceremony

2016-10-07 SU Election and House AGM

2016-10-13 Athletic Meet_Closing (By Wong MM)

2016-10-13 Athletic Meet_Awards (By Wong MM)

2016-10-13 Athletic Meet_Final (By Wong MM)

2016-10-12 Athletic Meet_Awards (By Wong MM)

2016-10-12 Athletic Meet_Heat (By Wong MM)

2016-10-06 Thur Morning Assembly 6B and Athletic Meet Awards

2016-10-03 Flag Raising Ceremony

2016-09-29 Talk by Mr Pong Yat Ming

2016-09-23 Swimming Gala_Awards

2016-09-23 Swimming Gala (by PCW)

2016-09-23 Swimming Gala (by WMM)

2016-09-20 Day 5 Assembly for S5

2016-09-26 Activities Enrollment Day

2016-09-13 Blood Donation

2016-09-08 Morning Assembly 6A

2016-09-02 School Commencement Mass (by PCW & WMM)

2016-09-01 School Commences (by WMM & PCW)