2018-07-13 Closing Ceremony (by Leung P H)

2018-07-13 Closing Ceremony (By Ms Wong M M)

2018-07-07 to 08 Maker Faire Hong Kong x Make Big

2018-05-31 Thur Morning Assembly_ Awards

2018-05-24 Thur Morning Assembly _Chinese Writing Awards

2018-5-21 S3 Fashion show & rehersal 2018 (by Mr Lau)

2018-05-21 S3 Graduation Show (by Mr Pau)

2018-05-21 S3 Fashion Show (By Mr Or)

2018-05-19 科技顯六藝機械人比賽

2018-05-18 S6 Graduation Celebration (By Sun L and Ms Wong MM)

2018-05-18 S6 Graduation Celebration (By Chiu TM)

2018-05-17 Thur Morning Assembly_Mathematical Awards

2018-05-14 S4 Social Service Project

2018-05-12 S3 Inter Class Competition (By Sun Long)

2018-05-10 S2 Reading Competition (By 2B Mak WL)

2018-05-03 Thur Morning Assembly 2B

2018-05-02 V-power (By John Ng)

2018-04-29 HKAC Annual Annual Parade

2018-04-29 HKAC Annual Parade_Rehearsal

2018.04.29 HKAC APOP (By Mr. Kwok)

2018-04-26 Origami Workshop

2018-04-15 Shun Teens 10K Race

2018-04-13 S3 Chinese Drama Competition (By Sun Long)

2018-03-20 Thur Morning Assembly

2018-03-19 Hunger Meal (By Ms Wong Mi Mi)

2018-03-19 Hunger Meal (By Sham WL and Leung PH)

2018-03-09 Starry Tournament

2018-03-08 Talk by Ms Ada Tsang Yin Hung

2018-03-07 The Way of the Cross

2018-03-01 5C and Scholarship

2018-02-26 RIP Ms Kong

2017-18 Class Photos

2018-02-08 PTA_Lunar Year Celebration (By Lau Yan Yee 3C)

2018-02-08 Thur Morning Assembly

2018-02-02 CDSC Athletic Meet Day 2

2018-02-01 CDSC Athletic Meet Day 1

2018-02-01 Thur Morning Assembly 1A

2018-01-29 Cheering for Joint School Athletic Meet

2018-01-25 Thur Morning Assembly

2018-01-21 S1-5 Parents' Day

2018-01-17 Secret Angel (By Ms Wong MM)

2018-01-11 Thur Morning Assembly (By Sun Long)

2018-01-06 P6 Visit

2018-01-04 Thur Morning Assembly 6D

2017-12-20 Christmas Celebration (By Sun L)

2017-12-20 Christmas Celebration (By Chiu TM)

20171220 Christmas Celebration (By Ms Wong MM)

2017-12-14 Religious Posters and Photos

2017-11-16 Thur Morning Assembly

2017-11-15 Shanghai Tianjiabing High School Visit

2017-11-09 Thur Morning Assembly

2017-11-06 After School Assembly_關懷貧窮講座(機構:關懷貧窮學校)

The 9th Kowloon Region Outstanding Student Award

2017-11-04 AGM of PTA

2017-11-02 Thur Morning Assembly 6C

2017-10-16 Library Week

2017-10-23 Reading Talk by Ms Fan Kin Mui

2017-10-23 Mock Job Interview

2017-10-20 S3 Book Sharing Competition

2017-10-19 Thur Morning Assembly_6B

2017-10-16 Inauguration Ceremony

2017-10-12 Athletic Meet (By Ms Wong MM)

2017-10-12 Athletic Meet_Closing Ceremony (By Sham WN)

2017-10-12 Athletic Meet_Awards

2017-10-11&12 Athletic Meet (by Mr Lau)

2017-10-11 Athletic Meet (By Leung PH)

2017-10-11 Athletic Meet (By Ms Wong MM)

2017-10-11 Athletic Meet_Awards

2017-10-06 4 Houses and SU Election (PM)_By Sun Long

2017-10-06 4 Houses and SU Election (PM)_By Leung PH and Sham WN

2017-10-06 4 Houses and SU Election (AM)_By Sham WN and Leung PH

2017-10-06 4 Houses and SU Election (AM)_By Chiu TM and Sun Long

2017-10-03 Flag-raising Ceremony

2017-09-28 Thur Morning Assembly

2017-09-22 Aquaponics 魚菜共生 (By WMM & Lau YY)

2017-09-21 Thur Morning Assembly

2017-09-21 Student Forum

2017-09-15 SLCSS VS KTGSS Dodgeball (By Sun Long)

2017-09-15 Enrolment Day (By Photography Club)

2017-09-14 Thur Morning Assembly

2017-09-13 Blood Donation

2017-09-08 Thur Morning Assembly 6A

2017-09-04 School Commencement Mass (By Mr. Pau)

2017-09-04 School Commencement Mass (By Ms Wong M M)

2017-09-01 School Commences (by Mr. Pau)

2017-09-01 School Commences (By Ms Wong M M)