The Grillo-Hill

Cell Biology Lab

at San José State University

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The Grillo-Hill lab is working to understand how changes in acid levels inside a cell, also called intracellular pH, can change the behavior of cells. Cell generate acids as a result of normal cellular processes, and acid production can increase in responses to certain stresses or cues. The resulting change in acid levels can cause the cell to behave differently, and may contribute to progression of diseases such as cancer.

Our lab is staffed by a very talented group of diverse students who are undergraduate and masters level students at SJSU. We investigate a variety of different research directions, including: (1) identifying pH-sensitive molecules; (2) characterizing changes in protein biochemistry at different pH levels; (3) bioenginering fluorescent probes and tools to measure and alter intracellular pH; and (4) investigating pH dynamics during development and in disease states. We use a broad range of techniques to address our questions, including Drosophila genetics, mammalian cell biology, light and fluorescent confocal microscopy, and protein biochemistry.

If you are a current or future SJSU student interested in joining the lab, please go to the Contact page and read more.

Grillo-Hill Lab News

February 2018 - Congratulations to Blake and Jobelle for their selection as finalists in the SJSU Student Research competition!

November 2018 - Congratulations to Blake and Martey for having their abstracts selected for presentation at the UC Santa Cruz Symposium for Undergraduate Research!

September 2018 - Congratulations to Hillary for being awarded a Graduate Equity Fellowship! Congratulations to Lyzett for having her abstract accepted for presentation at ABRCMS!

March 2018 - Congratulations to our graduate student fellowship recipients: Ismahan, Jobelle and Vivian! And thanks to the Albert & Dorothy Ellis Fellowship and the Cancer Federation Scholarship!

March 2018 - Congratulations to Myia, our Spartan student-athletes who received her fourth Academic All-MW honor!

March 2018 - Congratulations to Martey (President's Scholar) and Hillary (Dean's Scholar) for their academic achievements!

January 2018 - Dr. Grillo-Hill was awarded a CSUPERB Faculty Travel Grant to attend the Annual Drosophila Research Conference! Vivian Bui and Jobelle Peralta will present posters at the meeting.

November 2, 2017 - Ismahan Chire, Andin Josipovic and Harnoor Virk had their abstracts accepted for presentation at the CSUPERB conference in January!

October 31, 2017- The Grillo-Hill lab won the department Halloween costume contest with our artistic portrayal of a piñata party! See the "Lab Photos" tab for documentation!

Our lab is generously supported by the Biology Department at SJSU, the SJSU College of Science, the Bio-Link Depot, the SJSU Office of the Provost, CSUPERB, the F. Albert & Dorothy Ellis Graduate Fellowship and the Cancer Federation Scholarship.