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This blog page is designed to share my serious or less serious economics and finance insights with everyone.

I created a Coffee Cost of Living (CCL) measure to highlight the Depressing differences in living standards across countries with a cup of coffee. Our current addiction is COFFEE. Almost everyone is drinking coffee or tea and would like to be able to afford at least a cup of nice coffee a day. But who can afford it?

In the US (Canada), the monthly coffee affordability is 1083 (1066) cups. This is based on the $1.95 (2.25 Canadian dollar) price for a tall black and median monthly income of $2,200 per person (based on annual income of $26,000 in 2014 ). In the China, the monthly coffee affordability is 150 cups This calculation is based on the CNY 30 (Chinese Yuan) price for a tall black from Starbucks (only available in major cities as of 2015) and average monthly income of CNY4350 per person (based on annual income of CNY52000 (about USD 8,000 in 2014). Since the median income is not readily available, this estimate is quite positive based on the average number which is skewed because of the extreme high earners. The number of coffee's affordability is even lower in some of the Central and Eastern European countries (CEE), which may be of surprise to many of us.