Research Interest/Expertise  

Capital market regulations: Stock market regulations and institutional framework of securities lending and short selling around the world

    Real Estate market regulations: The role of financial regulations and supervision in mortgage lending market and real estate investment in Asia and in the U.S.

Teaching Interest/Experience

Financial Markets, Banking and Financial Institutions, Finance Technology, Fundamentals of Real Estate, Real Estate Investment, Real Estate Valuation and Market Analysis, Financial Management, Introductory Corporate Finance, Investment Analysis, Personal Finance and Wealth Management


Academic Positions

   Visiting Professor, Central European University
   Entrepreneur and Freelance Researcher
   Part time Lecturer, National University of Singapore
2018 -
2018 -
2018 -
   Assistant Professor in Finance, National University of Singapore
   Affiliated Researcher, Institute of Real Estate Studies (IRES) at NUS 
2010 - 2018
2008 - 2018
 Education & Awards
    Ph.D. Finance, Gatton College of Business and Economics, University of Kentucky

    M.Sc. Economics, Gatton College of Business and Economics, University of Kentucky  2004
    M.Sc. Property Management and Investment, Napier University, UK2003
    NUS Business School, Case Study Grant  2016 - 2017
    NUS Business School, Research Grant, Start-up Grant  2014 – 2016, 2010-2013
    Fama-DFA Prize for the Best Paper in the Journal of Financial Economics

Publications are available on SSRN or ResearchGate or from the Journals.

   Short Sale Publications and Working Papers: 

     An Analysis of Over-the-counter and Centralized Stock Lending Markets, with M. Porras-Prado, Journal of Financial Markets (JFM), Forthcoming

      Are Shorts Equally Informed? A Global Perspective, with E. Boehmer, Y. Wang, and X. Zhang, RR in the Review of Financial Studies (RFS)
      Information of Lending Fees: Are Lenders Price Takers, with T.X. Duong, R. S. K. Tan, and W. Zhang, 2018. Review of Finance 21 (6), 2353-2377.

      Short Covering Trades, with Ekkehart Boehmer and T. X. Duong, 2018. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 53 (2),  723-748.

      Do Short Sellers Trade on Industry Information, with W. Zhang and R. S.K. Tan,  2017, Journal of Empirical Finance 41 (C), 118-139. 

      The Cost and Benefits of Short Disclosure, with T. X. Duong and T. Yamada , 2015. Journal of Banking and Finance 53, 124–1

      The Good News in Short Interest with B. D. Jordan and E. Boehmer, 2010, Journal of Financial Economics 96 (1), 80-97. Fama-DFA Prize Winner

  Real Estate Publications and Working Papers: 
  Mortgage Lending Regulatory Arbitrage: A Cross-sectional Analysis of Non-bank lenders, with W. Yu, accepted for publication in the Journal of Real Estate Research (JRER)
  The Helping Hand of the State in Chinese Real Estate Firms: Anti-corruption and Liberalization, with GZ Fan and W. Zhang, 2016.  International Real Estate Review.
  Does Mandatory Disclosure Affect Subprime Lending to Minority Neighbourhoods?, with G.  H. Lentz and W. Yu, 2012. Journal of Economics and Finance
  A Note on Hybrid Mortgages, with B. W. Ambrose and M. LaCour-Little, 2005,  Real Estate Economics (REE)
  Disclosure and Lending Practices: A Comparison between Depository and Nondepository Subprime Lenders, with G. H. Lentz and W. Yu

Editorial and Referee Work Special guest editor for: Studies in Economics and Finance, Special edition: 2015, 2016, 2017 AFMLI conference Ad-hoc referee: Journal of Financial and Quantitative AnalysisReview of Financial StudiesManagement ScienceJournal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Housing and Built Environment, European Journal of Finance, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Empirical Finance, Real Estate Economics, Studies in Economics and Finance
Professional Memberships: American Finance Association (AFA), American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association (AREUEA), Financial Management Association (FMA), Asian Real Estate Society (AsRES), and the European Finance Association (EFA)