Zero and Sound Liberation Organization 零 與 聲 音 解 放 組 織 http://zsloasia.googlepages.com/

1994 「Whisper in the storm」(Noise Actions),Apart Ⅱ-Taipei


Z.S.L.O petite representation / 1997 / Etat Alternative


Z.S.L.O petite representation / 1997 / Etat Alternative

Electronic Music practice 97(Multi-media performance)(11:42)
A turning video projector and "dream machine" is used to create a light environment together with 8 tracks of electronic sounds.
These are details of a long roll of real time "scratch" on fax machine, the repetive motive create "melodic"sounds at the same time.
Electronic Music practice 98(Multi-media performance)

In "Generator interfere 2", Function generators are used to interfere the video image and FM radio sound in real time


Horizontal bar balance / 1998 / Electronic Music practice 98

The" Horizontal bar balance" is based on the G-force and distance sensors,the balancing performaer triggers the sound files in real time under Max-Msp environment.


1993 「Your sweet dead body」(Noise Actions),Sickly Sweet Cafe,Taipei