Zero and Sound Liberation Organization 零 與 聲 音 解 放 組 織 http://zsloasia.googlepages.com/

"Zero and Sound Liberation Organization"( Z.S.L.O.) is the first noise group in Taiwan since 1992. The members included: Ka-Keung  Chan, Singing Liu, Chi-Wei Lin and Po-Li Liu.They made sounds with the materials taken from their poor background.....an industrial urban land near Taipei city, They invented highly diverse and syncretic, primordial forms of sounds which can hardly be categorized as"taoism music", "aboriginal music","acid folk", "musique brut","contemporary" or "industrial"....Z.S.L.O is also well known for their often perversed ,even violent live performances.
All the releases of Z.S.L.O. on different labels are out-of-print now.

selected performances (Title/category/exposition/space/city)

1993 「Your sweet dead body」(Noise Actions),
Sickly Sweet Cafe,Taipei,Taiwan
1994 「Whisper in the storm」(Noise Actions),
Apart Ⅱ-Taipei,Taiwan
1995 「Action 0-99」(Noise Actions),
Broken Life Festival-Taipei,Taiwan
1996 「My Sister」(Noise Actions),
Family in Harmony-Taipei,Taiwan
1997 「Electronische Muzik Praxis EMP97」(Electronic Music),
1998 「Electronische Muzik Praxis EMP98」(Electronic Music),
2000 「Anne Resusci」(Music theatre),
cafe Neruda-Taipei,Taiwan