Transmitters in Thessaloniki


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The FM  relay system
The TV relay system . It includes also  two satelitte TV antennas
Hotel and I think

Pilipion (named after Philip the father of Alexander the Great ) is located very close outside  Thessaloniki, nearby the ring road just 3-4  km north of the outter bounds on the top of a small hill arond 300 m of height. It is a hotel and a small park hosting two RF towers. The systems were e used by the  Municipality and I think ERT. Channels transmitted  were MEGA , ANT1 , STAR , MAKEDONIA TV   in analogue until  the system later was relayed  by Digea after 2011 from the now main point in Chortiatis All these were dismantled since then...


The  above is the system installation on Perea. Originally used for all transmissions  on Thessaloniki  it was then  used only fr their MW broadcasts on 1179 and 1044 kHz with 50 kW powers. The system later have been dismantled aroound 2016(?). 
Perea is located around 16 km SEE from Thessaloniki centre or abot 9-10 km direct It is a small beach  town of arond 30 tohusand  inhabintants with many beach taverns and nice places to see includign the main city - Thesaloniki . A nice must for the casual  and the more pro traveller and tourist .


PIcture  showing  the village and the  antenna farm
A close view of the  antenna  farm                

Hortiatis  is the highest point of Thessaloniki,  abt 12 km roadwise east  of the city ( abt 9 km direct line) and  about 1400 m of height. The antenna  farm is abt 2 km road towards  to top of the mountain , Most   radio and TV stations  from the Macedonian  region transmit with powers  from 5 to 25 kW ( no EIRP) .

Below is a new photo of the antenna farm after a trip again to the place on Clean Monday 2020 ! We wer around 700 m far. Made with digital zoom.

(near Athens )

Two pictures from the  transmission point  in central Greece as shown from the main street( national road)  . Avlis is abt 80 km north from Athens.I have measured abt 11 antennas. Could not be possible to  get closer to the transmission site as we were fast travelers back to our city after a fast  ...

Article posted 17- 4- 2005 minor edits /updatees on 10-5-19 and 2-3-20