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made between 1996-2006
MY new sites:
http://zlgr.multiply.comradio logs, radio audio clips , photo reports , photo QSL . Very big material please visit it!
this will be soon be demised . you my look at

http://www.flickr.com/photos/zachgr   general photos and photo reports
travel info on Litochoron - my parents vilalge
http:/www.worldisround.com /articles/321199   photos from Tinos -trip on 2005

http://zliangas.blogspot.com  the google's blog system
http://www.facebook.com/zachliang  my facebook page
http://www.ipernity.com/home/zliangas with photos and the shack system

In the  left pane it is small part of the page hosted in the to bedeleted geocities page in October 2009
These  pages are (the bold ones are i think the most important !)


Intruder list for Traxx and S'wak
Kaito AN200 antenna review
review for new  Degen DE1126 radio (7/12)
and son for PL360 tecsun


Moreover  some other very important articles posted in my other pages:

in Multiply : (transfered to this site and blogspot  as in end of this year the site will be colelpsed  )

5 sub-pages for my history with Malay music
about 10 reviews for earphones
several  programs for mp3 conversion
several mp3 players

in blogspot

Me the best man ( Daniel Danielidis) on middle and Natasa during the   wedding !

June 13th 1998

and our baby (born 1.3.09)

email  zliangas at  yahoo dot com

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